There are some things in life you have to do a certain way to be successful. Case in point, if you do one thing consistently, over time there will be a result. For example if you save $20 per week consistently, you will impact your money management skills and your bank account over a period of time. Every action you take does have an impact somewhere. It might not be as obvious at the present, but over time what you do today consistently will yield a result.

The magic word here is CONSISTENTLY. Whether it is good or bad is yet to be known, with that in mind you might try to mitigate your future result by FOCUSING only on ways to IMPROVE your life in positive ways, rather then doing and thinking negative thoughts consistently. One will yield a good outcome, the other not so much.

In Internet Marketing this holds true. There are just a few simple direct-marketing rules to follow, by committing to them, you’ll reap long-term benefits and develop a long-lasting business foundation. These basic concept are skipped by uninformed business owners, when using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as their primary sources of communication.

Be smart and realise you can make your marketing dollar work harder for you. Offer people more than one reason to buy, or respond to you. Regardless how many channels you market in, there are six basic rules you need to understand and follow in order to succeed. These foundational concepts must be fully understood, must be practised, managed and enforced.


1. There will always be an offer

There’s a popular saying out there, it goes something like this “content in king”. I would disagree, THE SALE IS KING. Without it, you have no market share and no kingdom to rule over. Your social media marketing needs to have an offer and provide a result, telling your ideal prospects exactly what to do and why they have to do it right then. The offer should be irresistible and time sensitive, and it should give them a fulfilled feeling if they take action. Ideally, it’s a Godfather’s Offer — one that the appropriate prospect or customer can’t refuse. Remember it is about emotional attachment, not the product.

2. There will be a reason to respond right now

The hidden cost and failure in all advertising and marketing is in the almost-persuaded. They were not tempted enough to respond. They nearly responded but got sidetracked. They got right up to the edge of wanting to respond, but then set it aside to do later or to mull over or to check out more the next time. When they get to that edge, you the marketer must reach across with your words and pull them through to other side. There must be a good reason for them not to stop, delay or ponder, there must be urgency.

3. You must have clear instructions.

This is so important, most do not understand how crucial this step is. People will follow clear concise directions. Consider driving a motor vehicle, you must stop on red and go on green, that is the rule and you follow without question or thought. At the bank you are told to stand in line and you do, fill out forms  or applaud when the “Applause” sign comes on. Use this same concept in your marketing. Most people are conditioned from birth, in every environment, to do as they are told, use it to your marketing advantage.

Most marketers’s fail at giving unambiguous directions. Remember, clear, precise instructions will sell, confusing or no directions – NO SALE. Confused or uncertain consumers do nothing. People rarely buy anything of consequence without being asked. Sharing content alone will not bring measurable results from your social media. You must walk your prospect through the steps you want them to take in order to make the sale.

4. Tracking and measurement

If you want real profits from your marketing, you have to track your progress. You should not do any advertising, marketing or selling investments, without direct and accurate tracking, measurement and accountability. This is important, you want to track how your marketing budget is being used and most important your ROI [ Return On Investment] without this matrix you might as well be throwing money in a pool of water. Once it hits the surface, it disappears and you have no idea where it lands. Each dollar sent out to forage must come back with more and/or must meet predetermined objectives.

5. Capture, Capture, Capture

Any person who visits your website or your place of business is a POTENTIAL CLIENT. Always think of ways on how to capture email address, telephone number, home address, when anyone comes through to your site or place of business. People read your ad, get your letter, see your sign, find you online, call or visit your place of business, ask your receptionist or staff questions, and what do you do???. Be proactive in your approach. If you only have a website, then have popups subscription forms, offer a FREE something in return for their email address. Just how much waste are you permitting to slop around in your business? Probably a lot. When you invest in advertising and marketing, you don’t just pay for the customers you get. You pay a price for every call, every walk-in. Every one. Doing nothing with one is like flushing money down the toilet.

Lets do a hypothetical scenario.
Advertising Campaign Investment = $1000
Return on Investment ROI = 50 phone calls
Therefore your cost = $20 per call

At $20 a call, you better hope that you get a return on your investment, otherwise you are only wasting your money and your time. Follow up and follow through on every potential client that comes through your system You do not want to leave money on the table make your call, email etc count, put in your best effort every time.

6. Results rule Results rule. Period.

Consider the simple agreement: You want your car hand-washed and waxed outside, vacuumed inside, for which you will pay someone, probably your neighbor’s teen $20.

If you return in the afternoon and he hasn’t washed, waxed or vacuumed the car but he still wants the $20. What possible “story” could he offer in place to placate your anger? I would hope none. You didn’t offer to pay for a story, you offered to pay him to clean your car.

The same is true with advertising and marketing investments in social media. Don’t let anyone confuse, bamboozle or convince you otherwise. No opinions count —Nada, not even yours. Only results matter.

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