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Was there a Dark conspiracy leading to the corona virus outbreak. According to the latest statistics – Confirmed corona virus cases 1,432,577 | Recovered 301,649 | Deaths 82,195. The virus outbreak appears to be slowing down in some areas, Europe especially and in some parts of the United States. It seems we are getting closer to the day when we can all go back out again and congregate like we use to or maybe not. Some have voiced concerns alluding to a possible “second stage” of the virus. Is that possible? Time will reveal all soon.

There is a definite agreement in some parts of the community, that something more is going on behind the scenes. There is talk of military movements and actions, earthquakes being felt in strange places and the aggressive border patrols undertaken by the Navy, Is there more to the story then what we have been led to believe? We are surely living in a historical time of our existence.

According to some conspiracy theorists, there is a correlation between 911 disaster of 2001 and the virus pandemic we find ourselves in now in 2020.

In both instances, simulations were run to see about our preparedness. Most telling is the fact, that 3 months BEFORE the 911 disaster of 2001, there was a major simulation of a terrorist smallpox attack against three American cities. This simulation was run by the Bloomberg backed Private Foundation.


The simulation was called DARK WINTER, according to their simulation, it took seven weeks, to infect over one million Americans with the weaponized strain of smallpox. The disease would have infected 25 states and 13 foreign countries. In the face of the disaster , panic and despair would spread across America, interrupting vital services such as food deliveries to supermarkets, fuel and essentials. The Government would be caught unawares, hampered by the fact they had no clear aggressive enemy. A nuclear response was not possible, especially as there wasn’t a clear identifiable enemy.


For the 2020 virus pandemic, the simulation EVENT 201. This also involved an outbreak of a corona like virus transmitted from bats to pigs to people, eventually becoming extremely contagious in community settings by people with mild symptoms, eventually leading to a severe pandemic.

The simulation alluded to the birth of the contagion on pig farms in Brazil. It started quietly enough and spread rapidly through healthcare settings, jumping from person to person. The disease is supposed to be “centred” on low-income, densely packed neighbourhoods . Where have we heard that before? When it finally exploded, no one had any idea how bad it was going to be. Air travellers to Europe, the United States and to many other countries spread the virus before countries realised the problem. At first, some countries were able to control it, using basic healthcare procedures, isolation and drugs, but this did not completely stop it.

Significantly a vaccine was developed to fight the spread of the virus, according to manufacturers time frame, it would take 2 years to be ready. The simulation projected a 65 million in loss of life to the virus and 80-90% worlds population infection. From that point according to EVENT 201 it is likely the virus would be an endemic childhood disease


Bloomberg backed Private Healthcare ran the DARK WINTER virus in June of 2001 3 months before 911. Bloomberg backed Private Healthcare and the Gates Foundation ran the EVENT 2001 simulation, 3 months before President Trump closed the border to travellers from China on 30th January 2020.

As you might recall he was vilified and called a Xenophobic and racist for his actions. Both Foundations back the efficacy of vaccines. Bill Gates is strident in his push to have his vaccine the cure for this corona virus.


Bill Gates is funding the building of new factories to manufacture 7 promising vaccines for the corona virus. According to them, the Gates foundation will end up picking just one of the vaccine out of the 7. Although he stands to lose billions he is quoted as saying that we all need to work together to provide a better way to fight this “deadly corona virus outbreak” regardless of the potential loss.

Gates said that simultaneously testing and building manufacturing capacity is essential to the quick development of a vaccine, which he thinks could take about 18 months. He is quoted as offering corona virus at home test kits to people in Washington state.


Whatever the outcome of the silent war that is raging between Private Foundations, like the Gates, Bloomberg amongst other, there is a sense of urgency on their part to hurry along this vaccine narrative, to convince the masses, their cure is better than what Trump is offering. There seemed to be an indecent glee on the political left in America that the corona virus disaster is striking at this particular time, in the Election year. They hope this disaster will weaken the Presidency of Donald Trump and translate into a win for the Democratic Party in the November Elections, with their nominee the lame duck Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

The main stream left leaning media including the NYT and Washington Post, have taken hard line stances on the efficacy of a cure, promised by the Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine flagged as potential corona-virus treatment. They have alluded to it as “snake oil medicine ” and worse. The NYT has even accused Donald Trump from profiteering form this drug. According to the NYT President Trump has a stake in the company that manufactures the drug.

On investigating the claim we found the Stake in question amounted to a measly $99 worth of stock.

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