About Us

The difference in the world we live in is going to be amazing to us in the latter half of 2020. The first part of this year has been filled with apprehension and fear as we all have come to grips over the Covid 19 and the pandemic.

Underlying all this is the conviction that something big is happening and we are not aware of it as most of us are under lock-down in our homes.

The ideas of building this site came from the conviction that maybe it is time to start sharing process of prepping, updating skills and just getting ready for whats coming ahead.

The NWO that was touted many times by the globalist and most especially by a speech given by the late George W Bush who expanded on the idea that we need a New World Order to govern our whole planet. Exactly how it was going to be governed is anyone’s guess but knowing how evil they are I can guess that it will be one rule for the Elitist’s and another for the Plebes. Anyway I digress and he is not here to defend his statements.

Since 2017 we have seen the rise of a conspiracy group QAnon. It was and is branded by the MSM [ Main Stream Media] as a nutcase fringe stupid racist group. Well it seemed to be going from strength to strength and has been for 3 years. The covid epidemic happened this year, As was predicted by Qanon, something like this would happen.

Here we are, we hope this will be a start of something wonderful for all humanity and usher in a Totally New World Order that is inclusive and loving for all mankind.

So I started this blog site to help people find alternatives in their lives. An alternative way to make money. I hope what you see here and read here will help you on your journey.

Be safe and secure God Bless.