Affiliate marketing


What is the purpose of life? Is it trying to decipher your true path giving you a road map to your destiny? If it is why aren’t we all getting on board with this idea?

For many they are stuck in the rut of life, living a life, crowded with expectations, failed dreams, little money, brainwashed to believe their lot and mediocre existence is all there is.

They search for, but miss the things that make their life meaningful. Waking days are a struggle to stay afloat, inter-spaced with glimpses of peace and fulfilment, giving them the energy to continue on their path.

So how did we get here? to this place in this time? Was this the only way for us humans to live? working the 9 to 5 merry go round , being let off on Friday just to be shackled back to the plough come Monday morning.

I think the idea of affiliate marketing came to the person who finally put it together that there must be a better way to the drudgery of the work week.

Become an Affiliate

OK this is not a new idea, the main point to realize is the more time you have to ponder on your existence without using that time working for your existence will ultimately prove to be your saving grace.

Do you believe this world you were born into was exactly the way it is supposed to be? How do you even know the reality of your life? The only way to realize this is to take the time to research and find out about your life and the human existence. To be of inquisitive mind questioning everything, looking for answers when things do not add up not accepting the rationale explanation.

Mind you the majority are quite happy carrying on with the status quo, believing the lie. Be careful of them, they will come out and tell you in no uncertain terms what they think of your cockamamie ideas, give you a piece of their mind, blasting you with their logic and giving you the what for, telling you to “BE REALISTIC”

So You want to be an Affiliate?

Since you have come this far, you obviously are either ignorant, curious, dumb or just plain bloody minded! what ever it is you have managed to bypass the rhetoric and realize that sometimes in life what you see on the surface is not the main picture, it is deceptive and the only way to get to the meat of the matter is continue to follow through.


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What is in the book?

Below are the main points that is covered in the book. To be successful at anything you have to adjust your thinking and do the following.

  • Be consistent
  • Be persistent
  • Do not lose hope
  • Trust in the system
  • Be Focused

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