silent corona virus operation


The State of our world as of April 2020 has reached an uneasy impasse, I think most of the countries around the world have no idea where to go from here. They are all looking to the USA for leadership.

From Asia the Pacific, Europe and the Americas all had instituted some sort of lock-down protocols, weeks after the corona virus hit . Was it agreed to or did each country implemented their own pandemic procedures, lock down Airports, put people in quarantine and require people to stay at home, stop congregating as groups all to limit the spread of the virus.

One wonders why this protocol was not implemented when the Ebola, HIV, Swine flu epidemic hit the world. The actions this time around by governments around the world were coordinated. If I was into conspiracies I would knowingly believe this action were agreed to weeks or months before. The actions to take when and if a virus pandemic were to hit in 2020.


At first there was panic as people rushed to buy up trolley loads of toilet paper. I did not get that bit, it was weird, the wuhan virus according to health experts is a respiratory virus like the flue it attacks your respiratory
system, and does not cause diarrhoea. Where the sudden herd mentality come from was debatable some have suggested, it came from Wuhan as did the virus. It definitely provoked a collective cringe in some areas. It is the “dumbest” crisis drummed up by Australians so far some have alluded too. Others have pointed out, compared to medicines or face masks or hand sanitises, it’s not an item that will help stop the virus’ spread. Others blamed social media and news coverage, for sensationalising the story.

So far, we are in the 3rd week of lock-down, people have calmed down somewhat, toilet paper rush is no more, cringe, cringe. The virus infection is still working its way through but seems to have slowed down. One wonders when this will end. Questions, theories and conspiracies are being churned out daily on Facebook and other social media.


A question that is already being asked by many. Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic party cahoots want the lock-down to last the whole year if they can push it that far. Their hope is the pandemic negative news will weaken Trump’s Presidency and help push their mail votes preference through in time for the Election in November.

Here in Australia, people will get tired of the forced lock-down at home and go back to their jobs. There is an uneasy feel to the whole thing. What is the governments plan? How will they end this hiatus and allow people their normal lives back. Is there a protocol in place that defines the steps to take? This has never happened before, More than likely, they will be looking to America for guidance, uneasy times ahead as we come to terms with our skewed future.


The lock-down in the USA was ordered to get people off their place of work, off the streets and hunker down at home. Initially it was to stop the spread of the virus but there seem to be an underlying purpose. America headed by President Donald Trump is fighting a silent war against the deep state the enemy of the American People. Getting people off the streets and places where they would normally congregate, like clubs, sports venue etc, stops the deep State from conducting false flag operations.

The coordinated effort to shut down all major cities around the world on the pretence that they had to protect the people from the virulent corona virus pandemic, is the same protocol followed in the USA, coincidence? Social distancing was a convenient excuse in persuading people to isolate and stay away from public places. Things are falling in place, for what, we do not know but, there are clues left by the QAnon group.


QAnon began posting cryptic clues in 2017. Fans of the movement have grown to include people from all around the world. Some have theorised that QAnon is run from the White-house and includes the President.

According to WikiPedia QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters. The theory began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan by someone using the name Q, a presumably American individual, but probably later a group of people, claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States.

According to the QAnon, what is happening in 2020 was predicted to happen in 2018. Were they able to look into the future back then? To many, the deciphered cryptic clues posted by QAnon is uncannily accurate. Whatever its dark beginning it is becoming obvious that something is happening in the United states and may have been predicted by QAnon.

The Main Stream Media including the Guardian newspaper, New York magazine and the Daily Beast have written articles explaining more of the basic beliefs of QAnon, but chances are that the more you read about it, the more confused you will be. Imagine a volatile mix of Pizzagate, InfoWars and the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, multiplied by the power of the internet and with an extra boost from a handful of conservative celebrities.

Whatever its beginning Fans and believers of the Q movement, constantly post videos daily on YouTube, deciphering the next phase of the operation as according to QAnon . According to QAnon this virus pandemic was perpetrated by the deep state to further their agenda.

Looking back to the Ebola, SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu pandemic, did the countries have procedures in place? The hysteria for this pandemic is unprecedented as is the level of communication among the people. We are in the internet age. Instant communication, social media and the QAnon, has encapsulated that brilliantly. whatever the outcome will be, it is a fascinating time in history.


Time will reveal what the end game is on this story. There have been rumours, the Federal Reserve has been taken over by Donald Trump, was this the whole point of the exercise, to bring down the Federal Reserve? Were there other major industry or groups that needed to be destroyed or taken over?

From the beginning of his Presidency Donald Trump has been vocal about his desire to “Drain the Swamp” Was this lock-down a convenient cover to conduct silent operations ? As we analyse what is happening in the United States one gets the feeling, this was planned. Big operations are happening behind the scenes, unencumbered by the usual public gatherings. The endgame as predicted by QAnon

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