Blogging is like anything you do, you get better the more practice you have. Strive to be a good blogger, imparting useful information to your audience and in a clear concise way. Everyone writes differently, do not become self conscious of your efforts, when you are starting out. It is going to be difficult to string a coherent sentence or paragraph together if you have not tried it before. You might be daunted by the whole process, but if you persist consistently you will get there.

While blogging can be automated , you shouldn’t expect income to be passive from the get-go. You’ll have to work at it, especially when you are launching your blog and building your brand. Writing articles can become tedious and time consuming, you will encounter this when you first start out as a blogger, do not be discouraged. When I first started blogging I was spending more than 50 hours a month creating content, converting visitors into email subscribers, and selling affiliate products and services.

Eventually as your business grows, you will need to look elsewhere for skilled content writers. Your time is better spent on marketing rather then writing. While you can delegate many tasks, like content creation and even marketing, you will want to be directly involved in the initial building phase. This is your brand and you need to make sure every piece of content has your distinctive voice and represents your business in the best possible way. No one will ever be as careful, as you will be. Commit to spending the first few months building your blog and your brand.

Only then, should you begin to create a team that will help you manage your blog and eventually, expand into other avenues with other niche-based blogs (if you choose to do that). This process can be sped up if you have planned your strategy from the outset. Blogging is not a hands-free method of making money, you must be prepared to put in some time and effort if you truly want to succeed. Do not lose hope continue to do the work you have to do and eventually it will pay off.


First, you need to have some idea what product you want to promote and then find a domain name that reflects the product. After you are certain of the name register that name as a domain name and find a hosting platform for your website, you can get hosting from the same place you registered the domain name. Load wordpress or any other CMS software on your site via your cpanel, pick a theme for your website. There are literally thousands of themes. and then start blogging, simple? It certainly is if you know what you are doing. This basic step can be accomplished in one. The place where you seek to register your domain name can also host your website.

If you want to save a bit of money then you can look around for cheaper options to host your website. While there are countless reports and articles that over-complicate the process of making money with blogging, here’s a basic overview of how it’s done:

  • Register a memorable domain. You need to be in full control of your website so you can take advantage of all the different revenue options with no limitations (or other people’s advertisements).
  • Write (or outsource) good quality content using precise SEO targeting keywords in your article that will reflect on your product or anything else you are trying to promote. You should strive for 1000 word article. Google push your site up the the page list if the articles are good, 100 words long and keyword centric for your particular product
  • Use a good email subscriber listing program like aweber, get response, convertkit etc. Configure the autoresponder to send out a generic or a personal greetings message to your new subscriber when they signup. The idea behind this is for you to collect emails when people visit your website. You can have popups or popdowns on your site so visitors will be encouraged to give their emails so you can update them, send newsletters or word of a new product you are promoting. List building which is what you are doing when you collect emails are key in building successful blogs online. It is essential, you will not make as much money without one.
  • Communicate with those subscribers regularly so your lists don’t run cold. Build rapport and trust. Nurture relationships with your market. This is where you can build a recognized brand as an authority in your market and set yourself apart from the competition. become the authority figure in your market niche and people will buy from you.


So you have you site up and running and you have new subscribers who have signed up to your weekly newsletter. What do you do now? First and foremost, don’t inundate your list with paid offers right away – build rapport with them first and let them know you are looking out for their best interests. Send automated email offers every 2-3 days intervals, the offers can include free special report on your niche. The intervals in sending emails will start to condition their thinking on what is coming next. there have been studies done to indicate that subscribers will need at least 7 reminder emails from you before they will buy your product, therefore your free offers, discount code or a special infographic based on what they are most interested in, is conditioning their thinking.

After 7 days you can begin to offer them the main product of your lineup. By this time they will be more receptive to your soft sell and will hopefully buy your offer. Rather than bold, in-your-face offers, work WITH them by providing valuable resources or tools that will help them or improve their lives in some way. When subscribers feel that you are a friend who is looking out for them, rather than a marketer whose only interest is in making money, they will respond accordingly. So, don’t be a pushy email marketer – be a professional blogger with a pulse on your market and one who is willing to go the distance for your visitor’s (and potential customers).
Sell products and services to your audience via your blog and through your newly cultivated newsletter. Sounds easy enough, right? It is. But it will take time.

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