The timeline for the spread and release of the Chinese corona Virus or COVID 19 was sometime in October or November 2019. During this time the world was oblivious to the Orwellian connotation that this Viral outbreak will bring with it in 2020. The spread of the new strain of the virus was reported but was not really taken seriously by most governments. Italians were hugging Chinese persons on street corners, not aware that the storm was brewing. the statistics for Italy were, Infected: 225,435 Deaths: 31,908 Recovered:125,176

The COVID 19 viral outbreak was unexpected, the World was not aware and weren’t prepared. WHO, The World Authority that was supposed to be sounding the Alarm and leading the fight, was asleep at the wheel or more than likely, toeing the CCP line.


China’s Incestuous Relationship with the WHO was highlighted more during the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus pandemic. When Taiwan attempted to blow the whistle on the virus that was raging in China, the WHO did not want to know or acknowledge Taiwan. It instead choose to turn its back and acted as though nothing was going on. In late January, the WHO parroted the Chinese Communist Party’s [CCP] talking points, particularly the line that the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus was not transmitted from human-to-human.

Taiwan thought otherwise, it was early in recognising the threat of the coronavirus, implementing border monitoring, banned visitors from Wuhan on Jan. 26, and soon after required all travellers to scan their travel information via QR codes at border checkpoints and scrutinise passenger travel histories. This information was linked to the Taiwan national healthcare system’s online platform giving the authorities the data to search for potential cases, monitor those under quarantine, and collect likely potential outbreak information.

China have always opposed Taiwan’s WHO membership, it views Taiwan as a breakaway province failing to adhere to its “one-China” policy. Taiwan had attended World Health Assembly as an observer from 2009-2016. They attended as “Chinese Taipei,” but China blocked further participation after the election of Taiwan separatist President Tsai Ing-wen. On the other hand the relationship of WHO and China is very close some would infer WHO is part of the Chinese Propaganda Machine. China is not the biggest donor to the WHO, but it holds the most gravitas when it comes to influence.

The time line on the reporting of the corona virus to WHO and subsequent worldwide dissemination of information to member states is suspect. More likely is WHO withheld vital information that could have significantly altered the timeline of the spread of the coronavirus, it chose to listen and follow directives from China without evaluating the disastrous consequence of this action. When the significance of the virus became known the leaders of CCP, President Xi Jinping personally asked Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the WHO Director General to delay publishing vital information about the Wuhan coronavirus. Specifically, Xi wanted the WHO to not tell the world that the coronavirus was transmitted from person-to-person. German magazine Der Spiegel reported, the BND, German’s Federal Intelligence Service, was harsh in their findings. “ At least four, if not six, weeks was lost in Beijing’s information policy in the fight against the virus,” . This assessment is consistent with the leaked “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance assessment – made up of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand – It shows China purposefully hid and/or destroyed evidence about the Wuhan coronavirus. according to their assessment, the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up is an “assault on international transparency.” It is clear the CCP mismanaged the reporting of the pandemic, it did little to warn the international community and prevented the world from having four to six weeks to prepare for the spread of the virus. Countries could have done more to protect their citizens. China lied, that is undeniable and WHO is part of this debacle, they both have to be held accountable.


China looks at itself as a leader or should be the leader of the world. China for years was touted as the next to lead the world, the decline of America a foregone conclusion. Did this self-aggrandizement became China’s downfall? China’s grand strategic vision is primacy. China have been touted as the dominant force in international politics, defined by Xi Jinping’s phrase “One World, One Dream,” or tianxia, “all under heaven.” The the foundation of China’s imperial ideology and how China wants the world to be. The concept of “tianxia” is the Chinese worldview, its position in international politics as head and all other states/countries to play a subordinate role. In the Chinese world view they envisage an ethnic authoritarian Han Chinese, as the single powerful Chinese emperor (“Son of Heaven”) and should rule the entire civilised world. This should be unified under the emperor’s control so that reason and just rule may triumph over disorder and chaos.

Was this why the disastrous release of the virus that killed so many was downplayed and not reported in time. The reasoning being that the scourge was justified to further the rule of the New Imperial World Order. It does put in perspective the signing of the US China Trade Deal with Trump on the 15 January 2020, it must have rankled the stoic China Imperial mindset.

There have been other speculation, like the CCP was working with the Globalist to further their Agenda in United States, weaken Trump and Bolster the Democrat party and help them win the Presidential Elections in November. If this is the underlying reason, then it is backfiring in a big way. Trust for China is hitting an all time low, Australia is leading the calls for an investigation into the release of the virus and ramification to the world, although China has hit back at Australia warning the the Country that there will be repercussion. The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has defied China and defending his calls stating it is reasonable and entirely sensible for an investigation into the origins of coronavirus, which is believed to have started in Wuhan. To date it has infected 3 million people worldwide and killed 200,000. President Donald Trump’s accusation that Beijing should have done more to prevent the deadly spread of the disease was met with fierce criticism from China’s state media.

What will be the end game of this is anyone’s guess. There is supposedly a second wave of the outbreak coming out of Wuhan. Is there truth in this reporting we do not know, there could be. The Main Stream Media is reporting the second wave as much worse then the first and according to CBS news, Wuhan health experts are retesting all persons to find out if there have been a re-occurrence of the virus. CBS also threw in the tidbit about contact tracing. This is another Agenda being pushed by governments to mark their citizens on the pretext that thy need it to protect themselves, because they have the virus. It is all about control and nothing at all to do with the viral epidemic.


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