Copy-writing in its basic definition – is how the advertiser authors promotions in its many forms including video, written ad copy, website promotions, pamphlets, catalogues, business cards, sales letters etc.A good advertisement (Ad-copy) will get your potential buyers to take a certain action like :

  • Call up or email for additional information
  • Place an order o your website
  • Signup on the website capture page
  • Viral ad-copy that is seen by a lot of people

A lot of business owners make the error of believing they can simply throw words together to get people to buy their product. Copy-writing is an art
Take the time to study this guide, it will give you pointers, how to achieve success in copy-writing

Your words have to accomplish what you want, without you being there for each of the prospective customer. Therefore your copy-writing has to be compelling enough to get prospective buyers to stop, read your advert or watch the video and take action.


When you ready to draft your first ad-copy, it is important to keep the 5 main points in mind. You might ask what the heck is in the 5 point’s. When using this simple formula and utilising correctly, will make all the difference in how well you stay on track with your objectives. Make it a habit and you will find your copy-writing skills will improve.
Here are the 5 main points you have to consider with explanation.PROBLEM ILLUSION – Your first task is convincing someone of a need, you must plant the seed in the buyer’s mind, there is a problem that must be addressed, this will in turn prod the buyer to seek a solution, indicating action must be taken to rectify the problem. Your Ad-copy presents the problem and the solution, convincing the buyer

PROMISED SOLUTION – This should be based on your perceived solution to the problem. The product should remedy the problem, period, this is very important, pitching a product that is useless in resolving an issue will only alienate the buyer and cause friction in the relationship

TESTIMONIAL PROOFS – People like to see testimonials, I am not averse to it myself. before I buy a product I read testimonials of people who have used the product before and get their opinions. It will give the prospective buyer, reassurance they are not the only one that have the problem. Others have used the product and are happy about it, make your solution irresistible. Point out how quickly and easily the problem can be made to go away, by using your product.

BEST PRICE – Some solution products sell themselves regardless of the price. People know they need that particular product and they will buy it despite the cost. Rewind to the COVID 19 panic, as people were mega stocking toilet paper. OK this does not mean you should create a mass panic situation to get people to buy your product. You just have to be aware of why people need a particular product and sell the product accordingly. The idea is to convey your solution is worth the cost. If the product is perceived to be a needed item you will have no problem selling it, Your Ad-copy should indicate this.

EXTRA EXTRA – Always add more in your product, this can be something that is outside the scope of the original problem, but somehow still related. For example, you may note that your product not only makes windowpanes crystal clear, but will also do a great job on that resin furniture in the back yard. People like the idea their purchase can be used for multiple situation. You have more chance of people talking about your product this way.


A headline that grabs attention will always make a difference, regardless of the content of the article. You could put all the perceived facts on the headline. People when reading your headline will instantly know what you are trying to sell. Of course, you want to grab the right kind of attention. You want the reader to be attracted by the headline and thus want to read the body of the text. You do not want the reader to read the text simply because he or she wants to find out what type maniac would come up with a hinky title.

Here are some tips to keep your headlines interesting, compelling, and attractive to your audience.

  • Keep it simple : Yes, the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle should be adhered too. Don’t over complicate the headline using big words etc. Choose your words carefully and use no more than you need to grab attention. A headline is not meant to tell the whole story, but it should help your prospect know what to expect
  • Make it relevant. Headlines that are misleading may grab attention quickly, but you will lose the reader in just a few seconds if the content has nothing to do with the promises made in bold. Ambiguous headlines can be used effectively but please keep it to a minimum. The goal is by the time your prospects have read the first paragraph, they are clued into message.
  • Make the headline memorable. Nothing worse then reading a bland headline. That will kill the interests of your prospects, especially if you trying to sell a product. You want simplicity and relevance and punch in the words. Make the headline zippy, prophetic, something people will remember long after they have finished reading your Ad-copy. Headlines are essentials and crucial y to you ad-copy and can be the impetus that will play a big role to your success. So do not treat it lightly.


A successful Ad-copy has to tell a compelling story. Just how well that story is told makes all the difference in how a prospect reacts. There are few pointers you can use to tell an effective story. I have laid out what you headlines should be previously.

Here are a few tips to help you tell your story in a way that will hold the attention of the prospect and keep it all the way through to the close of the sale.

Set the stage for your story. The idea is to grab the interest of the reader by presenting a situation that he or she can relate to. Ideally, the situation will form the basis for your story by creating a conflict that must be resolved. The more your prospect can identify with the conflict, the better your chances of enticing him or her to keep reading.

Offer the ideal solution for the perceived problems. In a sense, you are the problem solver a knight in shining amour come to save the day. This is your chance to point out all the good qualities that make your product the perfect solution to their problem. Use this element, build confidence in the use of your product, reiterating that it works and the number one solution for their problem.

Demonstrate how the solution resolve their problem. You can use case studies, testimonials, or anecdotal evidence to back your claims. Again, make sure this proof is reasonable and will appeal to your audience in a way that helps them to envision the problem being solved by your product.

Sell the product, ultimately this the result you want, sales. You have to inspire the prospect to possess/buy this product now. If you have done your home work this should be the easy part as the prospect will after going through the details, price and the essential property of the product will buy it. You can always push a little more given them the benefits of owning the product.

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