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What a time to be living, it is going to be the dawn of a new age. The difference is going to be amazing. Who would have thought, at the beginning of 2020 we were going normally, then boom , out of the blue something insidious, covid 19 virus, reared its head. Shut down most of the major cities of the world

It is sobering to realise we are vulnerable and totally unprepared. We were told there was nothing to worry about, then we were forced to go to lock-down for a virus that was purported to be from bats and it somehow jumped to humans. Seems a bit far fetched, some scientists have argued that the effect would be very mild and would not have caused the panic and pandemic.

A more likely scenario is the possibility that the virus escaped from the experimental lab in wuhan province in China infecting the local population and spread out to the rest of the world, thanks in part to air travel and the slow response governments gave to the the virulent virus strain.

It kinda reminds me of that movie “War of the World” scenario where the lowly virus infects the invading alien hordes and ultimately killed them off. I hope that is not going to happen to us. As we move forward the cost to the human family is going to be something that we will be counting for years to come.

We all have to learn from this and maybe put some security protocol in place to prepare for another pandemic and there will be another one. The social cost will be telling to us all. Things like social distancing and wearing face masks, that may become the norm, who knows.

I think we should all learn proper hygiene again .Washing hands and observing basic simple ways to keep yourself protected from any stray virus.


With the advent of social distancing and home lock-down, it has brought to the forefront the idea that maybe, we should probably think about changing our work habits.

Most office work can be done from home, so why travel. This is true for most office workers, a good internet connection plus an office server would suffice. Industries like construction, warehouse, service, retail etc. Employees have to be at their work place that is different.

On the whole though there is a good argument here to change the way we work and maybe, lead better lives for ourselves and family. This could be the turning point in our history. We have all been under the tyranny of 9-5 work day 5,6 days a week. We spend more time sitting behind the desk then we do at home. Surely that has to change to give a better quality of life.


This brings us to Affiliate marketing and work from home jobs. This industry has been around since forever. Affiliate marketing is the process whereby you are the middleman, you get a commission when you sell the Vendors product, think of a country store selling items of goods to customers, they buy the item from a merchant or manufacturer and resell the same item to their customer base at a higher price. That is what an affiliate marketer does.

An Affiliate finds customers, persuades them to buy the items from the merchant or manufacturer, via your affiliate link and you get paid a commission . It is something you can do anywhere. You can make a good living following a winning strategy and being consistent.

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Affiliate marketing includes E-commerce and any other industry that pays you a commission for selling their product. You are the middleman. It is very broad in its scope, so too are the many different industries you can be involved in.


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