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If you are looking to become a genuine affiliate marketer. There are few steps you have to do to be ready to receive your first traffic and hopefully first sale. The basic steps listed below are what you have to follow, they include the following:

  1. Decide on your niche
  2. Find a suitable domain name for your niche
  3. Host your domain name website
  4. Build a web site/ capture / squeeze/ landing/ optin page
  5. Configure your SEO [ search engine optimisation]
  6. Submit your website to different search engines
  7. Market your ideas/ Products / blogging

You might find it a bit daunting at first when you look at the list of things you have to do. but stick with me here and I will explain how you can automate just about everything you need to get started.


The first thing you must do, before finding a domain name is do some research. Find out what you want to promote and what niche would you like to be in. This will give you some idea what domain name to look for.
The domain name you eventually select will reflect the niche you have in mind. There are a myriads of niche that you can market too. They include, fitness, body building, health, money making, relationships etc. You decide first what you are most interested in then look for a domain that reflects it.

Now you have the idea in your mind what you are most interested in you then go and look for the domain you want for your new website name. There are a myriad of places you can go to look for domain name. I would suggest keeping the domain name and hosting together. There are some caveat you have to be aware of.Not all hosting website are the same! There are pros and cons with every hosting sites. Some will offer less for more and some will offer more for less. It is a good idea to check around, but if you are going to use WORDPRESS as your CMS platform of choice then I would recommend BLUEHOST. they are the best for WORDPRESS automation, configurations and speed. They will register your new domain name and get you setup in no time. The goal for you at this stage is to get up to speed as soon as possible. The choice you make initially about your domain name and hosting will affect you ability to optimise your website. Choose a hosting provider that will not penalise you with slow speed and bandwidth limitations. That is why it is imperative to find a quality hosting site that will not only provide a good platform for your site but also give you the support you need to be successful. That is why I recommend Bluehost. They were setup specifically to optimise wordpress sites. Provide top support, giving you a bandwidth that will be helpful to you. Especially when you are starting out.


OK you have now accomplished the 2 steps :

  1. Find an available domain name of your choice and get it registered
  2. Find a good host and hire the web space

The THIRD one is building your spanking new website. There are different ways you can do this. You can attempt to build the site yourself, I would recommend this for you, if you have the time, as you get to know what it takes to build one. But, if you just want it sorted as soon as possible then you can hire people to design and setup for you. It is not as expensive as you may think. In fact for a reasonable fee you can get it ready to go in as little as day. I have put below the list of places where you can go to hire a professional to design and build your website.

  • FIVERR – Been around the longest prices start at $5
  • SEO CLERK – Fiverr like site very cheaper then Fiverr
  • PAY PER HOUR – Another site like fiverr reasonable prices

Once your hosting is configured, you can load the WordPress platform onto your website. This is accomplished automatically by software loader on your CPanel. You can use the wordpress platform to build you own landing page or a blogging platform. There is a difference in what you want to achieve, be clear on what you want to achieve before you decide to build the website. You can if you are inclined, build both types of websites but in different folder as a sub-domain to the main domain. I will put the details down on how to setup sub-domain at the end of the article.

LANDING PAGE / SQUEEZE PAGE / OPTIN PAGE/ CAPTURE PAGE. All the terms mean the same thing. It is a page where people are asked to provide their emails before being re-directed. A landing page is typically a single page with a promotional video about the product. An email capture form is provided either at the bottom or somewhere on the page. The idea is to entice the prospects with a shorten version on what they can expect from the product. If they want to learn more there are persuaded to provide their email address before they are redirected to the VENDORS/ MERCHANTS website. All the email address you capture you can use to follow up if the prospects did not buy the product then, it is an important piece of your affiliate marketing puzzle. A good Landing page allows you to captures emails that you can then market too .

BLOGGING PLATFORM. Blogging is slightly different. It is more an educational news site, where you write articles on the product you want to promote, like its availability, why it is good for you and where you can get it. The difference to a landing page is you have to write articles consistently to attract the google bots so it knows you are writing new content daily. you have to be disciplined to accomplish success. Post consistently. More people will read your articles if you are consistent, you can include links in them or prominently on the side of your site. Regular postings will be beneficial. You will also as an aside develop a new skill, become a better writer blogger.

SEO search engine optimisation

The popularity and ease of availability of Internet has made it easy to have a presence on the web. The difficulty then is how you are going to be distinct and how you are going to be found? This is where your SEO website configuration can help you with the website rankings. Rankings for any website is usually accomplished by complicated google algorithms which has become the de-facto standard in the search engines digital industry. SEO looks at configuring you website to be compliant with Googles Ranking Algorithms, the latest update is called BERT.

Your website should be compliant with this latest update or it will see page one on the google search. There are other things you can do to rank your website. the following is the what you should be aiming for :

Your bloggs ahould target 4 to 5 keywords or more in your articles

  • Your blogs should include your keywords as many times as possible but in a natural way and not inserted just to pump up the keyword tally.
  • Your tags should be relevant to the products and subject you are trying to promote.
  • Your blog should be at or over 1000 words in length

You can use free SEO tools that will help your website rank. One of the better ones is by Neil Patel. Navigate here to try his free SEO tools. Other tools you can use are FREE keyword tool, Backlinks, a process where your website is linked to other websites. In this way google will move you up the rankings as your website is linked to many others on the internet so it must be a popular site. All are designed to make your website Google friendly and hopefully rank on the first page. The tools can only do so much, it is up to you to continue the daily posting, back-linking, submit your articles to other places on the internet. if it is seen more often, you will eventually be at the top of you ranking on google. Just be aware this process takes time as it is organic traffic SEO.


It is important to realise there are other ways to get traffic to your website then just depending on organic traffic. You can purchase traffic. Prices can range from reasonable to expensive depending on what you trying to achieve with your affiliate marketing. We will talk about Paid traffic on my next article. Just remember organic traffic is the best traffic you can get because once people knw about your site there will be a knocon effect as people share your articles with friends and that will snowball your audience to grester heights, in this way you can market to the people who come to your site and make a decent living.

It takes time so plan ahead and realise this exercise will take at least a month or more to see some traffic buildup in the mean time, Good Luck.

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