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Hmm for some reason you cannot glimpse your feet as you look down, seems your tummy is in the way. It does hurt to know that you have somehow reached this point. For years you did not really think about it that much, quite content to let things slip by, little by little though you find you could not fit into the pants or dress you use to fit in quite easily, your waist size start to change. You must have thought that it was life and you could live with it. I do know what it’s like to be that fat person in the middle of that line at McDonald’s.

If that is where you are now, looking for a way to get back into that svelte looking person you were before when boys swooned at your sight then you have taken the first step in coming here. Do not be discouraged and if you are ready to hear some home truths and battle the belly bulge! let’s get lean the lazy way!


The first step in solving a problem is to recognise you have one. So congratulations, you took that first big step don’t stop yet because below are the top ten reasons why it’s time to trim that tummy! Walk in to any book store or local library and check the fitness or health section and losing weight. You will find shelves packed with books magazines expounding different ways to lose weight and regain the fabulous figure you had before. If you dug deep into the best way, you will find they all agree on 4 basic traits you should absolutely cultivate and use in all areas of your life.


The 4 traits you should cultivate will help you when feel tired, angry, lazy, stressed or ambivalent towards your goals. It is absolutely important to consistently work on your goals and what you are trying to achieve daily or hourly.

HAVE A GOAL : You cannot go anywhere unless you know where you are headed. The basic rule of life. You were born to achieve a life you can be proud of and then move on to the next stage of your development. This is an important step, work out what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose 20 kilos or 50 kilos? Drop waist size? Do you want a lean body etc. Work out your goal.

PLAN YOUR ROUTINE : This step is very important, you have to work out how you are going to achieve your dream, is it by exercise or is it by changing your eating habits, or is it both your food intake and exercise. Be clear on on your routine Do not complicate it unnecessarily, Keep it simple you can always adjust as you go along. The important thing you understand you have both your food and exercise routine in place.

BE CONSISTENT AND PERSISTENT : Your body will lose the excess weight if you are consistent in your effort. Consistency and persistent always pays of in the long run. Your body will change its shape over time, exercise every other day and intermittent dirt change will do nothing and you will get frustrated over the whole process. Have small goals you can reach every day. When you get to those goals move it further so you are always improving. This is the way you approach anything in your life, consistently and persistently you will achieve your goal.

FOCUS ON YOUR GOALS DAILY : Focus on your goals is absolutely important, when you are feeling down, lazy and ambivalent, think of what it would feel like to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. The little you do everyday will count towards achieving it.


You are changing your life. you now you have to incorporate some exercise. Depending on your age, if you are younger you could start with some light jogging routine or walking around the block. Unused muscles will ache and for some will cramp up. You have to take it easy on the first couple of times, start an easy routine that you ca ease into. As you get fitter you can increase your routine. Walking or jogging is a good way to start your new healthy life.

We all have unique physical make-up. There are various types of exercises that you can try out, like, aerobics, weights etc they are all designed to exercise some part of your body, they will all be difficult to do at first, persist and you will reap the benefits of the exercise. Remember before you begin any major workout, do some stretching first. Warm up the muscles to get it flexible is better before tackling exercise. Walking is an excellent starter for your exercise routine. Incorporate some other exercise when you get back from walking. You understand your body better then anyone else, so work with what you can handle and push out a little every day. Have your goal always in mind. Eventually exercise will get easier and it becomes a good habit as the benefits become apparent


If you have come this far then your perhaps ready to change your life. In order to achieve the goal you have set for yourself then you have to get rid of some your old habits to gain some new ones. This might be difficult for you to let go but it is important, think of the goal you have setup for yourself. Achieve little goals daily and you will surprise yourself as the days and weeks roll past because those little steps you took has change your life.

If you are a coffee drinker, personally I do not think that it is a big deal, unless you drink it with lots of cream and sugar and more than one daily, you might reconsider consider cutting back to one cup a day. If you drink soft drinks like coke etc then they have to go stick with water.

If you smoke then you consider giving up Smoking. Especially if you are keen on running or swimming. Nicotine is a vasoconstriction [constricts your breathing], making it harder for you to tolerate physical activities that need maximum lung expansion.

Your food intake has to change if you are eating healthy then I suggest you have a look at your portion size. You can download apps that will give you an approximation of your food calorie count. Check out the Lose it Calorie counter App for your mobile phone. Do a google search to get a suitable counter for your PC. Unless you are putting things in place that will help you you will find that it is going to be difficult to get motivated.


Achieving your goals will seem like an impossible task as you start on your journey. As you practice your daily routine understand that nothing in life is given for free, you have to exchange something to gain something, your old habits will be exchanged for something new. It might feel awkward at first but if you persist consistently you will achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

It all begins with a thought and when that thought is translated to an action your life will change, I cannot stress enough you have to be consistent in your exercise routine. If you have deiced to join a Gym, that will call for you to set aside a time everyday to go to the Gym. That is both a good and bad thing for you. For some the routine is familiar like going to work, for others it might be a chore and something that they do reluctantly because they have to do it!!.. Every new routine will be unfamiliar until you do it a couple of times to make it a habit, so persist and be consistent.

Push yourself to do more every day. Sometimes in the early days you will find it is difficult to do more, repetition will get you there . Understand your mind is your strongest friend think positive when going about your day, monitor your progress daily and praise your efforts daily. Do not get complacent and keep pushing yourself to do a bit more.


We all have the same physical characteristics. Unless a new drug is made to give you the body, without the effort, we are left only with what we have. A physical body, that has to be shaped by our efforts to achieve the result we want. In a way this is good for us, it builds character, imagine if it was given by popping a pill, people would not appreciate it. Just another pill another instant hit we are so addicted to in our society.

I hope this has given you some ideas of how to go abut achieving your weightless goal. A fit mind equals a fit body. A Chaotic mind equals a chaotic life and that is not what you want.

Cultivate a disciplined mind, that will help you achieve your goals!