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KISS [ keep it simple stupid]

It may be a simple advice, but many miss the simplicity of it preferring a complicated one. Keeping your life simple is also an important key to longevity. Would you rather a life full of misery, negativity and pain, or one of harmony, fullness, peace and simplicity. I know the one I would rather have. Make a conscious choice to be happy and fulfilled, Don’t be buffeted by extraneous circumstances and float with the current of the day, rather choose your path consciously and with care. You have the power within you to change your life. In all the perplexities that is around us, many people have forgotten how to simplify their lives. They continually search for something out there, to make them feel good inside. The advice is simple, change WITHIN to change WITHOUT, keep it simple stupid. Soothe the spirit INSIDE of yourself to achieve the balance you want to live your life simply on the outside.

Some believe we are spiritual beings clothed in a physical body. Others say we are physical beings and have a natural evolving force inside us that gives us directions in our lives. In other words we are accidents of natural selection. I am more inclined to believe we are first and foremost a spirit and we are part of the whole, our essence is of light. We exist because we have always existed and we will continue to exist to infinity. Light and matter is neither created nor destroyed it can change but its essence will remain the same. e.g water to ice to steam.


Planet Earth has been around for billions of years and will be here for billions more. It is beyond our capability to imagine what it must have been like at the early stage of the earths evolution As time flows, humans arrived, lived their lives as according to their state of being. What must have been like for those who lived here millions, billions of years ago, one can only imagine, the difference in living standards and how we take our lives for granted, being able to communicate and travel anywhere on earth in a day, would be like magic to the early peoples of earth.

I believe the seasons played a major role in their lives. It is regular and predictable and therefore easy to structure their lives according to the wax and wane of the seasons. Life would have been much simpler, The pressure was only to provide enough for the immediate family. Was it dangerous? I would guess so. Did they have long happy fulfilled lives? I have no idea, for what they had and what they did daily, one can only speculate. In the early years they would be hunter gatherers, following game and fruiting trees from place to place. They lived simply, I would imagined they had moments of happiness and fulfilled in their own way.


Our Needs is proportional to our progress as human beings they change as you grow and expand. Wants are things we can do without but can become our major focus when bombarded daily on TV and radio to buy the latest gadgets, the latest fashion, hairdo etc. Wants keeps you busy working to get the extra income to pay for your desire. Eventually your wants will complicate your life as you find other ways to fund your desire like getting into debt. To get back to a simpler life, you have to work out your wants and needs. Write them down in 2 columns. Remember NEEDS are things you have to have to survive in your situation. WANTS are things you can do without.

Some Advocates of living simply say that Commercialism is not helping our planet and that we should all get back to Nature get rid of our modern comforts and live simply. We all have a responsibility to look after our surroundings in ethical ways. You do not have to live simply to understand this concept, it is common sense. There are 7 billion of us on this Planet. If we all take a smidgen of responsibility for our immediate environment we can change the world and it is happening!!.. there are countless stories of ordinary people doing incredible things to change their environment for the better. The fact that people vilify others for not conforming to their way of thinking is counter productive and will not change the situation. It will only serve to antagonise and complicate the issue, remember KISS.


Living in the modern world has its attraction and disadvantages as is living a simple life in nature. The modern world has many advantages, look around you. Everything is there for you to do with as you please. Communication is a fingertip away, hot showers when you want it. For cooking turn the gas or electrical cooker on and you are ready. For food you drive to the supermarket and grab it off the shelf. No farming here, it is easy and convenient.

The natural sound of bubbling stream, the look of the majestic trees, the singing of birds and the call of wild animals. The imagined walks at dusk on a sandy tropical shore watching the moon rise from the sea, Awesome to imagine and awesome to see. This could be the simple life you have been looking for. Finding that little piece of tranquillity in a beautiful part of nature.

Just a reminder, a simple life begins inside of you before it can manifest outside of you. It is not found in nature or on the city streets, if you aspire to live simply de-clutter your mind and your life and let what is deep within you to rise up and let that be your guiding spirit to a simpler life you desire.

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