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The future is uncertain for many. People are starting to question how they will survive and if there are alternatives to the old way of doing things.

There hasn’t been a time in history like the situation we are experiencing now. We are more connected as human beings then ever before . Talking to an Eskimo/Russian/African is only a click away on our cell phones. New ideas and different ways of living have been shared via social media. Thoughts, ideas propagate and blossom into something unforeseen. People are actually asking if it is worth the travel to work, or even the concept of work. Can we as humans survive without the familiarity and security of working for a living. This paradigm has to change as we move further into 2020. The corona virus pandemic has exposed how vulnerable we all are.

Social media in particular has opened up a whole new place for people to meet and congregate . The present pandemic has made that more acceptable and maybe essential, as we all come to terms on the concept of social distancing and isolating. It has made communicating with each other easier, you do not have to be alone. We all have the ability to talk and share ideas with anyone from Sydney to Timbuktu and beyond, as long as there is mobile cell tower connection. It is a great time to be alive.

Where is this leading to? I believe a number of office duties that were originally done from the office and required the employee to be at that location, will be relocated to the employees own home, negating the need to travel.

The second wave is people will be looking to change their lives by starting internet business, selling products online and becoming affiliate marketers. People will be diving in and eager to learn. It is already happening and will continue to increase. People realise there is money to be made on the internet.

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So you have decided you are going to pursue Affiliate marketing.

  • What is your next move
  • What products do you concentrate on
  • How do you know the product will sell
  • What do you do when you find that product

All big questions! Unfortunately, too many new business owners believe that all they have to do to be successful is put up a website put their affiliate link all the place and hope the money will roll in.

While having a dedicated website is essential, there are other things you need to consider before you build your website . How do you know the affiliate link you are trying to promote is the best product to promote.

The first thing you have to concentrate on is finding the right product. This is called a niche product search. Finding a niche that pays and then creating content, products, and services for that niche, is the way you will be able to build a solid foundation for a successful online business. Finding a profitable niche is also the best way to achieve the level of success, that translates into the kind of profits you want to make your daily efforts worthwhile.


Selling is not easy and it also is not hard, you have to understand the dynamics of it though. You can sell anything online, I mean that literally. You just have to find the right market for the product. Take what you think will sell with a grain of salt. What I mean is ,what you think will sell has to be back by your own research. It is easy to settle into a niche that you’ve heard are popular and where people are making a ton of money selling online. Do you own research into the product and the market. If you do this consistently you will find you will be successful in your endeavour.

Take your lead from large firms who before they bring a new product to market do a market research to find the best way to market their product or if the product is going to sell. Your Enthusiasm and passion play crucial roles when running your own business, but be pragmatic in your approach when researching your products.

This is a crucial point that a majority of new business owners miss. Instead of doing the proper research first, they go to the second step and build their website and market their product. Spending time and resources on creating a nice looking website and launching the product. The problem becomes apparent, when their marketing is met with sales failure. I have alluded to the fact that you can sell anything online, if there is a small market for your niche product then you will not be as successful. In comparison if you had a high demand product and were marketing to the right market, you would be very successful

The first secret to a successful online business is finding the right market for your product. Once you find it, you can then market directly to your paying market. The best niche marketing strategies are based on
conducting detailed research and building relationships with your
prospective customers.

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In any niche space, you will find different quality and prices for the product you want to promote. There will be the cheaper version and the expensive one. What do you promote? The cheaper one you probably think will sell quicker as it is reasonably priced. That is a logical assumption, but if you consider what energy you will be expanding trying to sell either products, it is to your advantage to sell less to gain more return. Keep that in your mind while you decide what product to promote.

Now you have found that one product you are convinced is going to sell. The next step is getting a website up and running, a one page landing page / Squeeze page. The purpose of the landing /squeeze page is for you to collect prospective clients email address. I am certain you have come across a landing page where you are asked to provide your email before you are shown the product advertised.

How do you get this set up? If you are capable you can build you own squeeze page, auto-responder email capture software. If you are unsure how to put it together you can pay someone to do it for you go to Fiverr to hire someone.

This is the first step in setting up your Niche marketing site. We will be talking more on what you need to include in your website to promote your product in the next article.

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