It is inconceivable to see what is happening in the USA as anything other then an attempt by the Democrats to use the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Police, as an excuse to further their Agenda, decimate, dominate, virtue signalling and sway public opinion to win the election in November. Do not get me wrong. I am in favour of charging the Police Officers who committed this heinous crime to the fullest extent of the law. In the last week though, since his death, we have all been overwhelmed, by the MSM and social media vomiting their regurgitated news all over the internet. If you did not know any better one would have thought that Gandhi or Martin Luther King or Mandela died on May 25th 2020, at the hands of the Police. It is that weird and kind of sad that George Floyd who was a petty thief and a career criminal in life is more famous dead. He will always be remembered as the spark that ignited the riots of 2020.

There are however, in my mind 3 BIG unanswered questions about the gruesome event .

  • Why did it take 6 hours for the Video Darnella Frazier took of the gruesome murder, to be posted on Facebook.
  • Why did the Police acted the way they did knowing they were being video taped?
  • Why were the neighbors of Chauvin unaware of his occupation as a Police Officer.

Darnella Frazier, 17, the young lady who took the video of the gruesome scene, happened to be in the area when Floyd was being arrested. She had the presence of mind to turn on her cellphone and record the disturbing video that showed a police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck as Floyd repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe.”.

Ross Johnson writing in Yahoo Entertainment news said

The most influential filmmaker of the century may turn out to be an untrained 17-year-old you probably haven’t heard of: Darnella Frazier.

According to Ross Johnson, Darnella Frazier used her iPhone with a 2x optical zoom to record the scene, subtly moving her camera to capture the last gasps of George Floyd and then panned around to the onlookers all nice and steady. In case you missed it, this is a young woman of 17 years, confronted with this gruesome scene, shouting from onlookers and her own emotions spiking with anxiety and fear. For 8 long minutes with steady hands she recorded the scene knowing in her heart that a murder was being committed in front of her. Was she totally engrossed that she forgot she was in real life?

Why did it take her until 2.26 am in the morning of a new day to post what she had seen on Facebook. If she was traumatized by the event why didn’t she post and tweet it much sooner after the event. We hear from news sources that onlookers were sharing what they had witnessed with their friends and family, through social media. One would have thought that Darnella would be exploding with adrenaline and excitement after witnessing a terrible tragedy and as quickly as possible push the video on social media, but she waited 6 hours. The most logical explanation I can come up with, is that she had to edit the video before posting it on Facebook. Ross Johnson of Yahoo News stated the following :

Not only did she happen upon a unique moment in history — the killing of George Floyd on a Minneapolis street corner in the twilight hours of May 25 — but she recorded it in a single-take shot that could upstage the memorable work of A-list Hollywood directors.

Makes me wonder who Darnella Frazier really is. Speculation aside she recorded a gruesome moment in time that may well define the ME TOO generation going forward.


This question has baffled me because in any other circumstances the Police would have stopped and taken the person away for questioning, instead Officer Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department murdered George Floyd in full view, knowing he was being photographed and videotaped. What sort of person would do such a thing and being aware of the repercussions that would entail. Do you think the Officer involved was of sound mind, do you think he was under some sort of outside mental influence and not fully cognisant of the situation. It is inconceivable that a Police Officer in his full mental capacity would do such a thing in public, a deliberate act to incite racial divide and chaos. Was this killing a planned False flag event, or was it accidental and they took advantage of the event? Whoever planned this knew the ongoing frustrations about the COVID 19 PANDEMIC lock-down needed a spark to set off the ensuring riots. That event took place on the 25th May 2020 and they took advantage of it.

The Main Stream Media as usual, were vocal in their support for the rioters calling it a PEACEFUL PROTEST while the City burned in the background. Never have there been so much bias in reporting the news. The catch cry of “Black lives matter” became the centre piece of this indulgent self immolation. Rioters burned and looted local shops in their neighbourhood, They burnt down black owned business and torched vehicles as if the killing of George Floyd A career criminal, gave them the right to plunder, burn, beat and kill people. The resentment and hate shown by the looters were overblown it seems they lost their reasoning as human beings attributing the violence and death as payback. The elected officials tasked with enforcing law and order were no where to be seen. Their silence gave the rioters their approval, emboldening them to demand the de-funding of Police, a ridiculous demand voiced by pampered wannabe anarchists. Like recalcitrant children, undisciplined and unruly, the rioters went on a rampage , wrecking havoc on business of hard working American citizens. A marked contrast to the City officials attitude when 3 weeks earlier these same Public Officials were taking small business owners to court because they dared to open their business in defiance of their Pandemic lock-down laws.


Neighbors of Officer Chauvin were questioned by the media, many agreed they did not know he was a Police Officer, this is not surprising as people tend to mind their own business especially in City living. A quote from Chauvins wife gave an insight to Police Officer’s character,

Under all that uniform, he is just a softie. He is such a gentleman. He still opens the door for me, still puts on my coat for me. After my divorce, I had a list of must haves if I were ever to be in another relationship and he fits them all

This is a marked contrast to the behaviour of the Officer, video taped kneeling on George Floyd for 9 minutes and ultimately killing him. Was there bad blood between the two? It was known they both worked at the same club in the City. The owner of El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub, Maya Santamaria, confirmed that she employed both men to provide security. Chauvin, provided off-duty security for nearly two decades and was paid to sit in his police car outside the club and assist with removing patrons when necessary and George worked inside the Club. According to some people who frequent the club there was friction between the two, that could have led to the killing on the 25th May and repudiating the narrative that the killing was about racism and Police brutality. Where does this leave the rhetoric that exploded after George Floyd was killed. Here are the facts, George Floyd was a career criminal, he worked with Derek Chauvin at the El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub. A worker at the club, David Pinney had indicated that the two knew each other and had a history of disagreements,

They bumped heads. It has a lot to do with Derek Chauvin being extremely aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, which was an issue.

Chauvin is also married to a non white person, does this sound like a racist Police Officer. His record show he has been cited over a dozen times, the complaints were “non public” and “no discipline”. He is a 19-year department veteran and have been involved in police shootings, in 2006, 2008 on both it was deemed justified. In one incident the person was killed for trying to grab a shotgun.

The unfortunate gruesome murder of George Floyd seems staged, to garner maximum publicity. According to witnesses George Floyd was passing counterfeit money in a shop, he was detained and cuffed on the quiet street, he was held for a short time on the sidewalk, then walked to the other side of the street to the second Police cruiser No. 320, rather then using the cruiser No 830 parked on their side of the street. Was this done purposely, to grab the peoples attention, or was there another reason?

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Officer Chauvin is shown in the picture as unshaven and not wearing the proper Police Attire, Was he going home from a late shift. Why is the white line shown in one picture, where George Floyd was killed, missing from the second shot of the same scene from a different angle. There is even talk that George Floyd was not murdered as has been reported and he showed up to his own funeral. The body cam videos released by police is less then useless as most of the important scenes are blacked out. These are all legitimate questions that needs clearing up, will we ever find the whole truth- time will tell.

Watch this space, we will bring you more as the Story unfolds.

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