The year 2020 is going down in history as a turning point for us all. The advent of the COVID 19 Corona virus during the Trump presidency years just had that impetus to be exploited by the media and nefarious looney lot on the political left. Their mantra have always been “Never let a disaster go to waste”. Make no mistake, this virus is real, it has killed people, but to the Democratic Party, disaster is an opportunity to porky pie their agenda and pockets.

The worldwide confirmed cases topped 1.2 million. Recovered patients numbered 246, 198. Deaths just over 64,000.

To put that in perspective. According to new estimates published by the CDC, between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year, higher than a previous estimate of 250,000 to 500,000 and based on a, multinational survey. The new estimate, from a collaborative study by CDC and global health partners, appears today in The Lancet. The estimate excludes deaths during pandemics.

“These findings remind us of the seriousness of flu and that flu prevention should really be a global priority,” says Joe Bresee, M.D., associate director for global health in CDC’s Influenza Division and a study co-author.


So how did a virus that escaped Wuhan China became a political agenda? To understand this phenomena, we have to look at America. Being the only Super Power left on our Planet, the Politics and the infighting over who will lead the USA can be fierce and downright dirty at times. Elections are fought with tenacity, brutality and is not for the faint of heart.

Cue 2015 Presidential Election and Donald Trump was elected. The Democratic Party were shocked, surprised and totally unprepared by the result. Weeks and months before the election, Hillary Clinton had full conviction she was going to be a shoo-in, the Main Stream Media were touting her Presidential Appeal, being the first woman President would go down well, not only in the USA but worldwide. They were banking on the American People doing the right thing, especially after the first black President in Hussein Obama. They were supremely confident, stars were lining up for her election.

Maybe they should have listened to the saying “do not count your chickens before they hatch” and took note!

Her Goal if she was elected, continue the legacy, started by Bush senior to Barack Obama. Further erode the great nation of America and sell off the wealth, turn the American people into mindless robotic workers, further the Agenda of the Globalist Cabal.

To see her dream snatched by an upstart, a TV Star who had “no clue” how to run the country, a first timer, was totally incomprehensible, galling and it turned resentment to toxic hate. Nothing could salve the Democratic Party resentment and hate except, the total annihilation of Donald Trump in anyway possible before the 2020 election.

psy ops in motion


This virus pandemic is another in a long line of crises, misdemeanours used by the Democratic Party to try and bring down the Donald Trump Presidency. The others include, the Russian Hoax, the Mueller Report, Ukraine and a bevy of others all were pushed to do one thing, bring down the Presidency before the 2020 election.

The latest is the weaponizing of the wuhan virus by the main stream media and the Democratic Party to Erode the confidence the American People. In all seriousness you cannot trust what is being shown on TV as it has been slanted to push an agenda. It is becoming more apparent that the media is a tool by whoever is paying the bill.

If one sat down with an open mind and analysed what is being shown on TV, you will quickly come to the conclusion that things do not add up, there are many instances where the media will run a story, that is slanted to sell a narrative favourable to their agenda. They will no apologies if they are found out, it is propaganda.

WHO [World Health Organisation] who is supposed to be impartial is pushing the Chinese agenda. Be aware when researching main stream stories. It is heartening to see people finally waking up, realise the misinformation that is being pushed. It is galling to see the lengths the media go, to push a particular story or slant an interview to favour their narrative.

They want to paint Donald Trump in a bad light and persuade the American People to vote for the Democratic Party in November 2020.


There is a change going on that many are oblivious to. For most the pandemic is the main news and other distraction is just that, distractions. Did you know there is a cure for the corona virus? Doctors from the US France and Italy have been using it with excellent results.

The disconnect though amongst various doctors and media outlet is telling. I do not know who is to blame for this but for some reason the word is not getting out. Some doctors have excellent results, for others the cure does not work. Who to believe is anyone’s guess.

Most of the stories concerning the cure and the good results, is being suppressed or sidelined by the excuse, that the drug efficacy has not been proven conclusively. Why is anyone’s guess. Here is the video on chloroquine the cure to corona-virus. .


The reverberations of this pandemic and what it signifies will be with us for awhile. There is a silent war raging between the seekers of the truth and those that want to hide the truth. It has been going on since the wuhan virus surfaced in China some months ago in November. China has not been honest, for some reason though the Western Media are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party

Where do we go from here? time will tell. We just hope though that our lives will be back to normal soon.

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