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One of the great things about affiliate marketing is you need no slaes experience just the willingness to learn and achieve.

In addition the merchant or Vendor provides you with the marketing material needed to market the product such as image banners, text links and that all important product information.

There is minimal risk involved for the affiliate, part of the reason why so many have failed at this. It is easy to walk away as the only investment you are giving is your time. Learn for Free Affiliate Marketing


This is a common term where one continues to look for the latest and the brightest. A all too common attitude that people have towards life. They keep looking for that one thing that will give them that INSTANT high hit, like a drug.

It is everywhere in our consumer society. The feeling that if one can just get that particular thing , one will be satisfied. The unfortunate truth is the THING one desire’s will never work. People search for result without pain, unfortunately this does not work, we humans thrive on search, work and achievement. It is inherent in our spirit. Look within yourself and solve the problem to resolve the urge without.

This is the same as Affiliate Marketing, there are literally thousands of products both physical and digital that you can promote and get a return on your time investment. Some people flit from product to product if they are not getting the sales they want, believing it is the product that is at fault and not their strategies. They will tend to drift and try something else.

This is the book you have to read to get started

It will teach you how to navigate through the path of affiliate marketing and show you ow to get ahead of the curve and allow you to succeed. In a nutshell, you have to focus and be persistent and understand that nothing is for free, put in the time now to reap the benefits later. It is a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life so check it out.


Being an affiliate is about making money selling other people’s services or products and getting paid a commission for it. You are the middleman, you show the products to your customers and they buy off your link netting you a commission in the meantime.

Digital Affiliate programs are an excellent way to make money and easiest to deal with. The customer will be able to see their bought product in a matter of minutes after buying it from your link.

There are thousands of products and services for you to choose from. As an affiliate you advertise the merchant’s products or services on your web space or anywhere on the internet and earn commission each time someone buys the product using your link, this custom link is usually given to you when you first sign up to be an affiliate marketer for that product.


The first thing you do before going through and look for a product to sell is do you research first. This can be done using Google Trends This is will give you a snapshot of what people are interested in. There are other tools like Neil Patels uber suggest that will give yo a more in depth look at the market you want to market too.Do your homework before looking for the product you want and think might give you the best chance of succeeding. When it comes to an affiliate program be more informed about your market, trust me, you will benefit from it in the end.

However marketing affiliate programs isn’t always as easy as it sounds, you have to put in the time and the effort to learn the techniques and strategies needed to be a success. Check out the book here to give you a more in depth look at what you need to concentrate on.


To be a successful affiliate you have to have the drive to succeed, there is no other way. Like anything in life , put in the time and it will pay for you. You can market the products literally anywhere you see people congregate like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Vimmeo
  • Google Search
  • Yahoo Search
  • Your won Website
  • Facebook Group

There are many many places you can use to market your affiliate products. If you are good with Video editing then I suggest do a short video about the product and post it to Youtube. You are only limited by your imagination. The internet is huge and there are always ways you can use to your advantage.

You might need to sign-up to a lot of affiliate programs just so you can find out which merchants perform the best for you or if you run a website than for your site. Success in affiliate marketing can take some time and hard work, but it’s once you have it figured its well worth it. Your main and only responsibility as an affiliate is to advertise, inform your customers and sell your product.

Order processing and delivering the product to the customer are all done automatically and including Customer service support. Some affiliate programs provide a two-tier scheme, where as an affiliate you can recommend other people to join your affiliate program and you make a small commission from the sales they generate.


Be consistent in your efforts and you will reap the benefits.Check out the book here for more information on affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate can be a life changing career for you if you put in the time and effort. This is what is called the laptop lifestyle. You can work from anywhere and at anytime. Just remember, if you don’t get any traffic coming to your site you will not have sales.

Pay close attention to your strategies and what your market is telling you. Be consistent with your efforts so that you can reap the benefits from your affiliate program. Good luck!

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