There are many advantages to having an affiliate business over a business where you sell your own products or services. These include :

These are just some of the advantages of being an affiliate marketer. You will need to put in the time and the effort to get to that place where it is running smoothly. How long is that time period depends on your commitment and focus

  • You Do not have to hold any stock
  • You Do not have your own customer service department
  • You do not have to deal with the sending or receiving stock
  • You do not need a lot of money to get started, you can start with nothing
  • You do not have to employ anyone.
  • You can automate your business with very little input from you
  • You have a new skill set
  • You can scale your business to newer heights easily.

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In affiliate 1010 it is recommended that you from the start build a list of prospective clients. This will be the source of your income. Now some affiliate marketers do not go this route or if they do they tend to skimp and just do a little bit of list building. You will find the more successful the internet marketer is the bigger the list they have to market too.

First, by building a list, you can recycle the traffic that you receive to your site. Even though some will buy through your link when you refer your visitors directly to the merchant’s site, most won’t buy, and you’ve lost that traffic. Also, when you refer the visitor to the merchant directly, the merchant will have a chance to get the visitor on his/her list, giving the merchant additional opportunities to market repeatedly to your potential customers.

This is why it is important to have your own capture page before the customers are redirected to the sales page on the vendor/merchant site, otherwise you are losing valuable customers. If you prefer reading a book on how this all works? Read the book here

One of the biggest advantage of getting others to subscribe to your list is that the list is targeted. You already know the people who subscribed look for products that are similar to yours therefore you have a higher chance of converting the offers your market to the list. It is like money in the bank.

For the beginner it can seem a bit daunting, the questions pops up “How am I going to do that?”

In the beginning you have to start first in finding your product that you think will be the ticket too your new life. There are many places on the internet where you can go and find the products you want to promote.

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What is a niche? it is a corner of the market you think will be of value to you. for example if people are buying coffee cups that have the picture of Donald Trump on by the thousands, then you have stumbled upon a niche. Some tend to disappear after only a short time while others will be around and evergreen. You just have to pick the niche you want carefully.

Begin with google search find out what people are looking for, dial it down further, sometimes the niche can be broad, like clothing, it is a broad heading that can include a number of different smaller niches like sports clothing, yoga clothing, tops, pants, undies. You see these are all based on the niche of clothing. So keep drilling down and hyper target your customers.

There are countless niches out there. You have to do research to find out what works for you, you might be wondering to yourself how do you go about dialing down to the niche that you want, or how do I even get started? You can learn Affiliate marketing for free.


When researching a new niche you have to continually adjust and ask yourself questions the questions can be the following:

  • Find the problem you can solve with your product better yet be the solution provider to your customers problems
  • Give more, different options, different sizes etc
  • Help your customer solve their problem by being the solution provider

Now you are beginning to understand that affiliate marketing is an art. The art of selling which you can get here


You have the products now what do you do with it? The next thing you do is building a squeeze page, that will show case your product most notable features and at the same time have a sign in form that will capture your would be customers email before you redirect them to the Vendors/Merchant Sales page that sells your affiliate product.

What is a squeeze page then? According the Wikipedia, a squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing; that means NO exit hyperlinks. Quality squeeze pages use success stories that the prospect would relate to when making a buying decision. They also use things like color psychology, catchy sales copy and keyword rich text placed with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind.[2] Some advanced marketers even use audio and video on their squeeze page.

You can build your own squeeze page if you are website builder, If you run your own website and have wordpress installed then that is a good platform to use. There are a number of plugins you can download to automatically build the squeeze page [ landing page] you want.

Otherwise you can get the service you desire at Fiverr .

Prices are reasonable from about $8 to $40

There are many ways you can do this without spending a lot of money. If you have a budget of less than $30 you can begin Affiliate marketing and start making you first sales from the first day.

Without any money or website you can advertise the niche products you are promoting on Facebook Instagram and twitter for free. Sending prospects directly to the Vendor/Merchant Website. Admittedly you will be losing that subscriber but hey, you can get sales and when money is flowing in you can then setup your squeeze/Landing page and do things properly.


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