The news we read, hear and watch especially in 2020, all point to one thing. There is a spiritual and physical war going on between the forces of good over the forces of evil. Now you might say I am exaggerating here, thinking maybe I should get off whatever I am smoking and into reality?

Reality you say, let me just laugh out loud, the unfortunate truth is most people living in reality are living in bondage. You doubt that? Consider the daily life of a realist. They get up, get ready, have breakfast, head to work, commuting by Public Transport squashed in with other realists. Trying to make the best of it, their mind already turning over what they need to do for the rest of the day.

Work space is a little cubicle allotted to them by the Cooperation. They have to stay focused, work through an 8 hour day inter-spaced with cigarette breaks if that is even allowed anymore and lunch. They leave work at 5 pm washed out from the day sitting in front of their computers doing whatever is expected of them.

They get home for dinner, catch the Daily News on TV, the normalcy of it all, gives them a sense of peace, satisfied that things are as they should be, bed beckons soon enough, tomorrow the cycle begins again. This routine is maintained 50 weeks of the year and maybe 20, 30 years. At times the corporation demands a bit more, working late and working more hours, the realist comply, but, that is ok, knowing it will be worth it, a fatter paycheck at the end of the week to ease the burden of it all.

The best day of the week bar none is Friday. Knowing the weekend is coming, one can look forward to 2 days of bliss at home pottering around the garden or driving to the country, drinking, having a good time or doing nothing at all. Sunday morning is best for sleeping in and just relaxing. It is towards the end of Sunday and dinner when the new work week intrudes, things to do to be ready for the first day of the week. It is no surprise that Monday is when most take a sickie, world wide it is the most common day for people to beg off work.

There is nothing wrong with this life. Many are quite happy and follow this path from cradle to grave, limiting world view notwithstanding. They are happy doing what they perceive as right and proper. Any outside truth that tries to seep into their world is quickly swatted aside by the programmed path they follow. They look to the main stream media / social media to tell them the truth, invariably they do. The outside truth that is not part of their world is passed off as fake, belongs to conspiracy theorists or the fantasy world of the movies.


TRUTH has it’s own frequency and is felt deeply in the guts of anyone who hears it. It creates a dissonance in the mind that has to be ameliorated by the default programming of someone who do not know the truth, but are happy with their version of it, do not want to contemplate making adjustments to their belief system, they would rather be in ignorance than enlightened. On the other hand for one who is ready to receive it, truth sets them free, they experience the truth for themselves in their hearts. When you hear it you know deep within you that it is true, there is no ambiguity about it.

As we look forward in 2020 and more forced social distancing and forced home stays, we are finding it difficult to get away from the truth. When was this ever done in history? When most of the World as we know is locked down. It has allowed the pace of life to slow giving us more time to reflect on our situation. Families are either getting closer together or breaking up. Many have started questioning their existence and the state of our word. As we all slow down the mind relaxes and thus bring up truths that we may have hidden from ourselves about the world about ourselves about our relationships. Truth does not change colour or status. It is what it is. The more we understand this the better it will be.

  • What are we doing to ourselves to our planet
  • Where are we going and how are we going to get there
  • What is my life about now is it meaningful fulfilling
  • Can I do something different, change my ways
  • Will I be able to survive this if it changes for the worse
  • Do I have enough money, what is my savings plan
  • Do I have enough food if this gets any worse
  • People are nicer and talking more to me to everyone
  • What is my truth

This rabbit hole goes deeper then you can imagine. As is inevitable one thought, one question leads to another and to another ad-finitum… Truth can be frightening especially if people have been sublimated in lies their whole life and living under false beliefs. It goes against everything they hold dear and can be debilitating, unfortunately once truth is spoken, it cannot be unspoken.

For others the Truth is like a door that has been closed for so long and is now open. They suddenly find themselves FREE at last to feel to encounter , to explore and to indulge. Their search confirms many of the intuitive thoughts and ideas, that have been intruding and now confirmed. They realise the incredible truth that is being shown them is affirmation to all the tickling nagging doubts, that have been there in their minds for many years. They question why it took so long for them to find the path. Looking back to the wasted years, a chosen path leading nowhere but they persisted because they believed they were doing the right thing and it was how they were meant to live their life.


This forced home stay will be life changing for so many people, I pray it is for the better. I know it is sometimes difficult to reappraise what we have been doing for so long treading a path familiar and safe. Contemplating a change of life can be liberating and scary at the same time. We only have one life to live and one lifetime to appreciate it, live it to the full, experience new sensations and new beginnings. Understand, you were always meant to be more than what you think you are capable of.

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