QAnon and corona virus


Conspiracy is the conviction inside of you , it is something you believe in, you know there is an alternative history to the current one. This can come about after reading a book or seeing something, or listening to a story told to you by somebody that resonates with your thinking. Confirms your suspicions and beliefs about the subject. You unconsciously find connections in your life and all around you and in what you see or hear. Sometimes this conspiracy can lead you to seek others who think the same way, in this way you become a member of a group.

Hence the birth of the Q Movement:

The Q groups, there are many, is distinct to the QAnon groups but they are interchangeable. People move between the 2 groups interpreting the cryptic drops [as they are known], the interpretations can sometimes be colored by their beliefs. This can be a problem if Q’s cryptic predictions are skewed to fit a narrative and is found to be either incorrect or false. People tend to get discouraged and belief in Q wavers, This has happened many times, Timing seems to be the main problem with Q drops, there is no correlation between cryptic drops predictions of imminent arrests, and what is happening in real life. When you see the same scumbags still walking around free, you wonder and it is difficult believing Q. It has disillusioned many, a few people within both groups are now trolling the whole idea of Q.


Why did Q start dropping cryptic clues on the State of the Union in 2017? When we look back to the 2017 and earlier, The president was being buffeted by endless collusion and corruption hearings and charges. If Q is linked to the President as has been alluded to by many, it makes perfect sense for the President and his group to invent a way to communicate with the people, without the filter of MSM.

The Q drops in 2017, supposedly predicted the the coming court actions against Pedophilia, Child sex Traffickers and Satanism. Strong action were also to be taken against the enemies of the United States. Included were the Clintons, Obama, Podesta, Abedin, and McCain. Q also posited that the Steele dossier is total fabrication, it was personally paid for by Hillary Clinton and Obama; and that the Las Vegas massacre was definitely a false flag operation and an inside job, connected to the Saudi-Clinton cabal. Under this guise of conspiracy and counter conspiracy people who were right leaning and who voted Trump immediately got behind Q, took to twitter and YouTube to expound on the cryptic clues.

The formation of different Q and QAnon groups is a testament to this movement. The first Q drop was posted on the 4CHAN net work. Why was this particular platform chosen, judging from the website, anonymity is guaranteed, that must have been a very important factor. Q is presumably an American individual, or a group of people, claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States.

Q has accused many Hollywood stars, Democratic politicians, and others involved in international child sex trafficking ring. Back in 2017 Q was thought of as rantings of right wing conservative conspiracy theorist.

Why did Q used cryptic drops? why not come out and just lay it on the table for the world to see? I think Q was protecting itself, whoever itself or themselves are. most importantly Q did not want the enemy to know the plan. It would be defeating the purpose of the subterfuge.

The cryptic messages have continued in 2020. The Main Stream Media have labelled the the QAnon groups as right wing fringe conspiracy groups. This has not dampened the enthusiasm of many and they have continued to follow the cryptic post by Q religiously.

The “Q Movement ” has somehow spread around the world, QAnons from Asia, Middle East, Europe and off course the USA share a common goal. They are united in the belief that out World is run by a Cabal of Elitist who have a plan to rule the world and usher in an age of Eugenics, total control and restrictions. Therefore it is up to the QAnon group and other freedom loving people to stand up and fight for the freedom of everyone.



2020 is becoming a year of first. We had a planetary lock-down of countries from Asia, Pacific, Europe and the United States. It is unprecedented. The Federal Reserve and their Masters have been hobbled, preventing them from following their playbook and taking the country to a path of disaster. They do not have a lot of say in the stimulation package that is being doled out to small business and the workers of America.

In comparison 2008, 2009 Depression, when Hussein Obama was President, the stimulation Package was given to the large banks and auto makers. Not a cent was given to the workers, who suffered greatly, lost their livelihood , homes etc.

This time around, the workers are the main beneficiary of the stimulation package, it is doing what it was designed to do, create stability in the workforce and the stock market.

The Q post continues. The endgame is till to be played out but make no mistake 2020 is shaping up to be a year when things will come to a head in more ways than one. We hope whats coming will be incredible and wonderful.

The Q movement, has shown us that a little hope and belief will give us all the impetus, to fight for what is right and never turn away from Evil when you can do something about it. Do not take things for granted understand that someone fought the good fight all those years ago and that allowed u to live a life of wealth of happiness and most of all freedom.

As we move forward in 2020 we have to realize, we also have a duty to fight the good fight so our children and great grand children will enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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