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Let me ask you a question, what is the point of affiliate marketing in these dire times of lockdown, social distancing, the fear and the corona virus epidemic raging through the world. Surely people have more important things to worry about, right?

Well let me point out the obvious to you. Our World order is going to change for better or worse is still to be determined but it is prudent to be aware of it and be prepared for the coming changes.

This particular virus has made us more aware of how we as humans from many different parts of the world are just one BIG family, linked together. A disease outbreak somewhere can truly affect our whole family. Consider previous outbreaks if you recall, it did not have the same impact as this one. Is Covid 19 virus any worse then the Ebola or SARS outbreak? I believe not,

There is an underlying difference to this situation, whatever it is though, we will have to wait to find out when the pandemic has passed.


Learn new skills. I cannot stress that enough, it is important. You have to understand the old world is going to change and you have to change as well. You new prep life requires that you become pro-active, do things that you have been putting off. Look in different directions, change your life attitude. The new life coming requires you to be self sufficient especially in money.

The easiest skill you can learn is affiliate marketing, sell online and achieve monetary independence. The problem with working for someone else is you have to leave your place of residence and travel.

Affiliate marketing is the opposite, the only travel you are likely to do is for that holiday you have been dreaming of.

Imagine sitting on the beach in some beachcomber island on a remote destination. Working only when you want to. If you desire to start for free, navigate here


OK, if it is easy to earn money in affiliate marketing why have I not heard of it before? There are many reasons why this is so. Affiliate marketing has had some bad rap in the past and is still happening, there are scam programs and fake gurus. There will always be people who will take advantage of any situation when money is involved at the expense of others. There have been many instances when the cost of the affiliate marketing course is ridiculously expensive, defeating the purpose of helping people achieve financial independence.

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The fallacy people believe is that you can only learn affiliate marketing from someone teaching you like an Internet Guru. The truth of the matter is quite simple, you can learn all you will ever want to know about affiliate marketing, by doing your own research online.

Yep, it is free to research and find out the facts on your own. Everything you want to know about affiliate marketing is online. There are hundreds of places, Ebooks, articles, Youtube videos you can search to give you a well rounded education on how affiliate marketing works

The lure though, of why people want someone teaching them Affiliate Marketing is structure, concept and the familiar-ness of being taught by an authority figure, the money is the price people pay.


Yesterday when I was young, that song encapsulate those forgotten innocence we all had when growing up. The World has changed irrevocably or maybe we all just grew up and realize the world was not what we though it was.

This is the time for you take a stand and change the course of your life, acquire a new skill, something you can call your own. You are the master of your destiny and this new skill will allow you to be financially independent.

Understand your life is the the sum total of your thoughts. What you think about constantly will become your reality. By not taking the step now will ultimately be detrimental to your future.

Life does not stand still for anyone, Ozymandies found that out the hard way, ok this is going in a different weird direction, but if you have not heard of the Ozymandies sonnet then please navigate here and read it It will give you food for thought as you ponder your future.


Affiliate marketing opens up to you the avenue to achieve your dreams in the shortest possible time. Check out the free affiliate training site here , take some introductory courses to give you some idea of whether this is for you.

By repetition, the unfamiliar will become familiar, once you understand the nuances of your new skill, this is why humans can achieve incredible creative wonders, the unfamiliar becomes familiar by repetition.

This new way of living, isolating, social distancing, bumping elbows, if continued will become just another way that we as humans adjust to our environment.

Decision time for you, the ball is in your court, what ever you decide to do with your life is your decision. What I am offering is a path to free you from the mundane. Whatever you decide, have a good life.

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